Regenerative Patch Technologies LLC (RPT) is a California based biotechnology company focused on the development of cell-based implant technology for the treatment of retinal diseases. 


RPT has developed composite subretinal implant, termed the  California Project to Cure Blindness-Retinal Pigment Epithelium 1  (CPCB-RPE1), consisting of a polarized monolayer of human embryonic stem  cell-derived RPE (hESC-RPE) on an ultra thin, synthetic parylene  substrate designed to mimic Bruch's membrane.  

CPCB-RPE1 is RPT’s lead product and it is exclusively licensed to RPT from the University of Southern California, the California Institute of Technology and UC at Santa Barbara. 

 The implant is exclusively for use within the current clinical trial and not available for other experimental indications or compassionate use at this time.